Amateur Radio in Australia (VKFAQ)


Kenwood R5000

General coverage receiver with option for vhf converter.

Software for amateur radio applications

A wide variety of amateur radio software is available. Most of this is for the MSDOS or Windows based PCs, but software for other computers such as the Apple Mac is also readily available.

Applications include log keeping, satellite tracking, digital modes such as packet radio, PSK-31 and MFSK-16, facsimile, slow scan TV, Morse code sending and receiving, antenna and circuit design, propagation predictions, digital signal processing and many others. Most amateur software is from overseas, but Australian amateurs have also been active in the field.

Software written by Australians

QRZ.COM has a downloads section listing software under many categories, including antenna design, software to control your radio from your computer, trial examinations (US style), logbook, morse training, packet radio, reference material, satellite tracking, scanner control, slow scan TV, reference material and more. Software for Linux and Macintosh computers are separate categories.

Another US based site provides reviews of software, discussion forums and classifieds.

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