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Field Day station

This field day station was operated by Chris VK2DO and Andrew VK1DA in November 2007. It operated on the bands from 50 to 2400 MHz.

Wireless Institute of Australia

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is an Australia-wide organisation which represents the interests of amateur radio operators.

The WIA represents the interests of radio amateurs and negotiates for changes to licence and operating conditions with the Australian Communications Authority.

Other Federal activities include publishing the highly-regarded Amateur Radio magazine, co-ordinating amateur licence examinations, running transmitting contests, band planning, international representation and more. The Wireless Institute of Australia is the oldest national amateur radio society in the world, and is a founder member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

In 2004 the WIA changed from a federation of State/Territory based associations, to a single national body, which all Australian licenced radio amateurs are encouraged to join. Membership of the WIA is not compulsory, but there are many benefits, including Amateur Radio magazine, subsidised use of the QSL bureau, cheaper awards, discounts on books, and other special offers which become available from time to time. The WIA is the body recognised by the ACMA so it makes sense to support it.

The postal address of the WIA is P O Box 2175, Caulfield Junction, VIC 3161.

The WIA Office is staffed between 9:30am and 3:00pm. The phone number is (03) 9528 5962 and fax is (03) 9523 8191.

The email address for the national office is nationaloffice at

Links to international associations and organisations can be found in the Radio Links page.

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