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Visitors' licences - reciprocal licencing

HW-17A 2m AM transceiver

Vintage Heathkit HW17A 2m AM transceiver

This 1960s era radio provided about 10 watts of crystal controlled AM, with a tunable receiver. The IF was not particularly selective but many of these kits were built. Simple to operate and with nothing like the facilities or range of modern radios.

I'm visiting Australia - how do I get a reciprocal licence?

When visiting some countries you don't need to do anything other than bring your equipment and the licence issued by your home country. This is due to an international agreement between radio communications administrations. Australia is working towards that situation, and for some countries you can do that now. Depending on where you come from, you will either be able to use your home callsign with a suffix of the vk call area you are operating from, eg. G3PHO/vk1 or you may need to take out an Australian amateur radio licence with a VK callsign. This has been changing so please check ACMA's website if it is important to you.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has published a comprehensive document about this subject.

Consult the ACMA website to find out the conditions you need to satisfy, when you need to apply and the documentation to submit in advance.

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