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Every radio amateur has a good textbook collection

Books about Amateur radio

There are many books available about Amateur Radio. Some are intended as detailed text books on the technical aspects of licence tests. Some titles are based on the examination requirements in the country of origin so you may need to be selective about books on licence conditions and details of local regulations.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is a prolific publisher of radio books, the most famous and well known being the Radio Amateur's Handbook, often referred to as the ARRL Handbook. Early editions of this annual publication track the development of the hobby through several major changes in technology.

The Radio Society of Great Britain also publishes a range of books, the primary publication again being the Radio Communication Handbook, though the RSGB tends to release fewer major editions. It was first published in 1938 and the 2009 edition now available in 2010 is the tenth.

The WIA sells a wide range of ARRL, RSBG and their own books. You can order publications from the WIA Bookshop. A WIA table can often be found at hamfests/conventions or field days in Australia, such as the Wyong and Kyneton field days.

The contructional and design articles by Drew Diamond VK3XU in the series "Radio Projects for the Amateur" are excellent reading and provide the home builder with a wide range of practical designs and approaches to building equipment at home.

The US and UK publications can be purchased directly from the ARRL and RSGB, though mail costs to Australia can be high for the heavier books. Buying the softcover version saves on postage, but the hardcover format tends to be more robust.

Apart from the main handbooks, the books specialising in subjects like Antennas, VHF/UHF, Digital modes on HF/VHF, low power (QRP) operation, solid state design and home built equipment are also valuable. While the handbooks do cover such subjects, entire chapters on say, VHF yagis can be found in the Antenna Handbooks.

You can also sometimes buy Amateur Radio related books and manuals via classifieds sites such as VKHAM, Ebay, and, though some overseas sellers are reluctant to sell to foreign countries. Having a credit card or Paypal account is vital if you want to buy online from overseas sources. A suggestion: use a credit card with a low credit limit for overseas purchases. This limits the potential for things to go wrong. If you have never purchased from overseas sources, be reassured that the vast bulk of transactions are problem free and most buyers are very happy with their overseas purchases via the internet. Reputable stores like Amazon, and organisations like the ARRL, the RSGB, etc are well organised and handle overseas sales very smoothly and reliably.

Some specific books available at Amazon are linked here.

Other titles

For more suggestions on Ham radio and Electronics books, visit my Ham Radio Bookstore for books about ham radio.

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