Amateur Radio in Australia (VKFAQ)

Radio Clubs in Australia

Yaesu FT897D transceiver

Yaesu FT897 HF/VHF/UHF transceiver

The FT897 is a compact multiband, multimode transceiver which can be used as a home, mobile or portable station, for all HF bands plus the 6m, 2m and 70cm bands. Power output on the HF and 6m bands is 100w. On 2m and 70cm power is 50 and 20w resp.

It can be powered by an external 13.8V DC source or alternatively can use an internal battery pack at reduced power (20w). See the Equipment page for dealer lists.

Radio clubs

Radio clubs are the local face of amateur radio activities in each city or region of Australia. They also provide services such as repeaters, beacons, meetings, news broadcasts, the QSL Bureau and more.

Contact details for the radio clubs for each state are listed at the WIA website under the main menu item "Clubs". The first club listed in each state effectively is the former Division of the WIA.

Most clubs serve a particular town or region. Typical activities include study courses, examinations, excursions, social events, field day contests, constructional projects and on-air gatherings (or nets). Some fortunate clubs have their own rooms, while others meet in school classrooms or scout halls. Joining a club is a good way of meeting amateurs in your area.

The WIA website lists all clubs in Australia. If yours isn't there, follow the links on the site to update their details.

Australian Radio Clubs

New South Wales - VK2

Other Clubs

Australia's larger cities include formal and informal special-interest groups. These cater for activities such as VHF and microwaves, amateur television, repeaters, amateur radio direction finding, digital communication, and scouts in amateur radio.

Other special-interest groups are nation-wide. Examples include the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA), the Radio Amateur Old Timers Club (RAOTC) and the CW Operators QRP Club.


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